Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shake Your Gluteus Maximus

In a discussion about hineys today, Little Son (he's 9) announced that he knew the "scientific name" of your rear end (he learned it in P.E.). "It's your Bootius Maximus!" Of course I instantly cracked up (no pun intended) and had to explain to him that the word was GLUTEus, not BOOTYus. This embarrassed him, but I couldn't stop laughing. He just doesn't like being the butt of the joke. I then had to explain to him that I was not, in fact, laughing AT him, but that I thought it was cute - like when he called our gazebo out back a "casino" and we have called it that ever since. And that we say words like "deroniant" and "tenchaper" and "puddy" because those were words Bubba said when he was little and they just stuck (translations: deodorant, temperature, and pudding). And that his sister told me when she was 2 years old that for Christmas she wanted a "jackass-in-a-box". (Now where in the world did she hear THAT word?) So we all had a good laugh about our BOOTYus Maximus, because who doesn't find derrierre humor funny? I mean really. It's hiney-larious.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We're outta here!

It's official - our house is on the market and we are moving. Not sure exactly where yet - I have my eye on The Perfect House that is close to my parents, but it will probably sell before we sell ours. So we have several options open to us. And there are several reasons why we are leaving this house - it is certainly a wonderful house - but there are just times in your life when you need to move on, and this is one of them for us. So wish us luck, pray for us, do a chant, whatever.....we need to sell this house!! And I need to not go crazy in the process.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Hissy Fit

Lots of things are getting under my skin lately - some big, some not so big, but nonetheless, they are building up and I feel a giant hissy fit coming on. You know, a full-on screaming, cussing, crying - maybe throwing a few things - fit. Perhaps it will be one of the biggies that sets me off, like my VERY annoying neighbors; or perhaps it will be something not so important, like a jackass tailgating me for going 20 mph in a school zone and then speeding around me the first chance he gets. Maybe I'll just get mad at LIFE and rage with my fist shaking towards the sky. But I think it's coming. Yes, watch out world. Bubba's Sis is going to have a Hissy Fit. Then maybe I'll feel better.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Water, Water Everywhere

Yesterday was a crazy weather day here! We got 13 inches of rain in one day - on top of all the rain we got over the weekend. Being that this is the Bayou City, there were floods all over town. Two women even died when their SUV became submerged in flood water and they could not escape. My house stayed high and dry, but just around the corner at our neighborhood pond, which is surrounded by Clear Creek, the water was rising and rising.....

Here's a pic of the pond area on a normal day (well, all those people aren't there on a normal day, but it's the best picture I had that includes the sign):

And here's the pic I took this morning of that same area (can you see the sign out by the tree?):

I can just imagine the critters that come with that flood - alligators, snakes, and whatnot. There was a guy out there fishing this morning - in an area that is usually not even CLOSE to the water! Thankfully today it is sunny, so I won't have to start building that ark after all.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Another Death in the Family

My toaster died this morning. I knew it was coming - it was getting old and crotchety. Today I had to throw it away. I've already picked out a new one, which I will get after an appropriate mourning period. BUT - tomorrow is my birthday and I do NOT want a toaster as a birthday present! There is just something terribly wrong with giving household appliances as birthday presents. I don't care how cute they are.

Roller Coasters Make Me Sick

The past 10 days for me have been an emotional roller coaster - I've been sad, I've been mad, I've been happy, I've been hurt, I've been proud, I've been depressed, I've been overjoyed to tears. And frankly, I'm tired. Emotionally AND physically. So I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a week. I'm still here! Just gathering my thoughts and emotions for my next profound post here.....stay tuned!